Superlegal studio is the collaborative creative workspace of veteran session/touring percussionist Mauro Refosco and guitarist/producer Jake Owen of DO Sounds.

SuperLegal offers the highest quality audio recording experience while retaining the vibe, comfort, and authenticity of a classic Brooklyn basement studio. Make the record you’ve always wanted to make, in the company of world-class musicians and producers, at a cost that is significantly lower than any commercial NYC recording studio.


SuperLegal features:

-Spacious 300+ sq ft. tracking/live room
-5’x5’ isolation booth
-10’x10’ and 10’x8’ isolation/work rooms
-Convenient access to L and M trains.
-24 tracks In, 5 monitor mixes
-Day rates starting at $500, engineer included


Selected equipment list:



Logic Pro X,
ProTools 10,
Ableton 10
UAD Apollo 8 and 16 Interfaces
3.7 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon E5 Mac Pro


Neumann U87
Brauner Phantom V
Coles 4038 (pair)
Royer R121
AKG D12, 414, 421
Shure SM7, 57’s/58’s


API 512c (pair)
UA 610
DW Fearn VT1
Avalon 737
Focusrite ISA Two
Korg Stage Echo


James Trussart
Mustang Musicmaster short-scale basses
vintage Martin tenor
Gretsch Baritone


Fulton-Webb 15/30
Matchless Clubman 30
Soldano Hot Rod 50
vintage Fender silver face Twin Reverb
custom Blues Junior
Fulton-Webb 1×12 cab
Aguilar AG500
Bass Amp Ampeg SVT 8×10 cab


Vintage Rodgers 5 piece kit,
Full size marimba,
multiple congas/bongos,
extensive ethnic/hand percussion


Young Chang upright piano,
Rhodes suitcase 73,
Moog Minitaur,
Ableton Push 2,
Baldwin Fun Machine,
Teenage Engineering OP-1

Plug Ins/Software Instruments:

Wide selection






Mauro Refosco is one of the most in demand touring and recording percussionists working in music today. His extensive credits include a who’s who of the creative music industry: David Byrne, Atoms for Peace, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dirty Projectors, Blonde Redhead, Forró in the Dark, Cibo Matto and many others.

Jake Owen is a multi-faceted guitarist/producer, whose touring/recording credits include Augustana, Forró in the Dark, Goldspot, and BoDeans. He is the co-founder of DO Sounds, whose corporate clients include ABC, MTV, Twitter, Smithsonian Earth, Microsoft, Dell, and Alienware among others.