Official Launch of Soundwall Installation

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Soundwall: An AudioVisual interactive installation for Poole Hospital Children’s wing, was officially launched by the Mayor of Poole on the 6th April.

The Bournemouth Echo were in attendance, and wrote a nice article about it.


SOUNDWALL is an installation designed to engage on some of the basics of creating and playing music together. For Soundwall, we collaborated with the talented folks at Freak.London; a creative media company



– When a user stands on the mat in front of the wall, a graphic ‘sound object’ appears on the wall at the relative position of the users hands, and music is played.

– The left hand controls the bass and rhythmic sounds of the music, and the right hand controls the harmonic and melodic content.

– The sound objects are audio reactive, so the graphics will pulse and change shape in time with the music that is made.
– The sound object can be moved around from left to right, and up and down. By doing so affect the tonality of the sound is affected, and the melodic phrasing (the notes and rhythms) change.

– If another person stands on the mat, one of the sound objects will flick across to their closest hand, and they will control that object and accompanying sounds.

– As the user steps away from the installation, the sound objects fade.

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